DataMite 1250 Series
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The DataMite 1250 Series


Check Temperature and Acoustic Emission and then listen for the sounds of failure with Censorsound™ and Ultrasound in the DataMite 1250 ENERGY MONITOR KIT.

  • Acoustic Emission Non audible leak detection, even in high noise area, 0.0 to 70.0 dB
  • Surface Temperature Spring loaded surface probe, fast and accurate, 0 -1500 oF (0 -816oC)
  • Censorsound™ Ultra quiet sound of flow, leaks and mechanical sounds, 0 - 1999 CENS
  • Ultrasound Supersonic sound Heterodyned to Audible Sound, 0 - 19.99 ULTRA

Combined in the DataMite 1250 Energy Monitor are four very important functions: Temperature, Acoustic Emission, Censorsound™ and Ultrasound. Created with careful planning to encompass all attributes needed in evaluating leaks and steam traps for proper operation. The 1250 has wide applications in industry, HVAC, Manufacturing, Construction, Maintenance, and Operations. Total autoranging means accurate readings and results, not subjective results. The 1250 is designed for use on bearings, steam traps, control valves, reed valves, and gearing, to name but a few uses. For the detection of: leaks, cracked seats, agitation, grinding, cavitation, temperature gradients, steam and condensate flow, bad bearings, steam trap condition and operation.



  1. DIGITAL DISPLAY: 3 ½ digits, autorange for all functions with updates three times per second.
  2. LEATHER HOLSTER: For easy access of probes & to protect the 1250 Monitor.
  3. SURFACE THERMOCOUPLE: Type "K,” two seconds response to 1500F, rugged construction, and extendable to 16" in length with two extension handles (optional).
  4. ACOUSTIC EMISSION (A.E.) Censorsound™(CENS) and ULTRASOUND(ULTRA) in one probe REPRODUCES HI (ULTRASOUND) LO (Censorsound™) and all-encompassing A.E.
  5. frequencies to cover the entire spectrum of information from 40 Hz to 100,000Hz audibly.
  6. POWER /AVERAGE(PWR/AVE) BUTTON: When held six seconds will average fluctuating inputs and Freeze display. Momentary depression activates 1250 for five minutes of power. After five minutes of inactivity the 1250 will deactivate and shutdown the meter.
  7. FUNCTION BUTTONS: Select the required function by momentary depression. The button will flash a GREEN LED indicating activation of the function and the display will autorange to the appropriate level. The rest is automatic.
  8. VOLUME CONTROL: Adjust the sound level to the operator’s headset, ten preset levels cover the total sound available. The sound level control will not change the autorange digital display.
  9. HEADPHONES: 32 OHM impedance, 3.5 mm stereo Plug. Coiled cord for safety. Over the head VELCRO® adjustable strap is for proper location of the headphone and to prevent slippage. See Figure 3. The adjustable strap permits a wearer to use his HARD HAT with the headphones. A head band spring for comfortable tension on the ears is shown behind the head and out of the way.
Functions and Features


  1. Acoustic Emission (A.E.) detects Hi frequency plastic waves that move through materials. The waves are caused by stress in the material. Stress is produced by High Velocity Fluids passing thru such defects as cracked seats, unseated valves, collapsed lines, failed steam traps and other turbulent conditions. Stress is also present in Bearings or roller elements which are misaligned, improperly lubricated or failing. A.E. is well above the human hearing range of frequencies.
  2. CensorsoundTM amplified audible sound from within equipment. Impervious to ambient noise. The really sensitive probe can detect bearings, steam, condensate, turbulence and other phenomenon for audible analysis.
  3. Ultrasound is a high frequency sound wave in the 20 Kilohertz to 60 Kilohertz range that are translated down to the human hearing range. Primarily for leaks it is also used on Bearings, gearing, steam/condensate traps and mechanical linkages.
  4. Temperature High speed, and rugged surface probes can check bearings, steam traps or any hot surface quickly and accurately. The probe is extendable to 16" using two extensions(optional).
  5. Three continuous "Battery monitors" insure users of good data and extended use.
    1. The first monitor warns users when the Battery needs recharging by lighting a BAT symbol in the display
    2. The second monitor turns the instrument off if the battery level continues to drop thus preserving the integrity of the data.
    3. The third monitor is an Energy miser which will automatically turn the DataMite off after five minutes of non use.
  6. Averaging A 3 ½ Digit numeric display can be averaged more than six seconds and frozen to give operators the RMS average of selected function variances. This prevents digital blurs often accompanied by fast moving numeric values.
  7. Auto ranging Numeric Display means hand free operation and error-free readings (no need to guess about decimal point location or scaling).
  8. Tongue & Groove construction for dust and splash protection. Tough construction + leather case combined to form an industrial grade portable instrument.
  9. 1250 Energy Monitor attaches to a belt for easy portability and convenient use. Operators’ can see all the controls and the display even with the instrument mounted on the hip.
  10. Three NICAD rechargeable batteries ensure economy and long life. LED advises operators of charging status. RED indicates rapid full charge. Yellow indicates normal charging levels. Green indicates a trickle charge to maintain proper levels during long charging periods. In an emergency the three internal NICAD batteries can be replaced with three ALKALINE BATTERIES. NOTICE: Do not recharge Alkaline Batteries.
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