DataMite 2000 Specifications

ACCELEROMETER Built in (or remote) Shear type Piezoelectric construction.
VELOCITY RANGE Color LCD Window Display: 0 to 1.0 in/sec PEAK (1.80 cm/sec RMS) graduated over six windows. LCD Digital Display: 0 to 19.99 in/sec PEAK in 0.01 increments, (358.9 cm/sec RMS) in increments of 1.0
FREQUENCY RANGE 10-1000 HZ, active filter design, conforms to ISO-2954 specification.
MEASUREMENT Rectification Characteristic: Precision full wave rectified RMS displayed as Velocity RMS or PEAK (RMS value x 2).
DISPLAYS 8 segment color LCD with 6 windows for velocity and 2 windows for instrument condition.
Standard Severity Levels are set at: inch/sec PEAK (cm/sec RMS)
  • 1st GREEN =0.1 (.18)
  • 2nd GRN/YEL=0.2 (.36)
  • 3rd YELLOW =0.3 (.54)
  • 4th YEL/RED=0.4 (.72)
  • 5th RED =0.5 (.90)
  • 6th RED =1.0 (1.80)
All flashing=>1.30 in./sec (23 cm/sec RMS
Sampling Time: 3 measurements per second.
DIGITAL ACCESSORY MODEL 2050, a 3 1/2 Digit LCD with 0.32”(8.13mm) High characters, over range blanking occurs at 20.00inch/sec (359 cm/sec).
SIGNAL OUTPUT DC Signal: 100mv per/1.0 in/sec (1.80 cm/sec RMS), Source Impedance: 1.0k ohms.
ACCURACY Color Display: Windows operate within ± 5% of stated value for window.
Digital Accessory: ± 5% ± 2 counts, which ever is greater
POWER SOURCE One Battery: (IEC 6LR61), Duracell MN 1604, Union Carbide 522. Kraft U9VL (9V TRANSISTOR type).
Battery Life: Up to 240 hrs under continuous use with a Kraft U9VL battery.
Power ON/OFF: Turns on when the “PUSH” button is depressed and Off when released.
OPERATING/CONDITIONS Temperature: 0oC to 50oC, Humidity: Below 95% RH non-condensing.
DIM./WEIGHT 1.55”(H) x 1.65”(W) x 9.37”(L), 3.94cm(H) x 4.20cm(W) x 23.80cm(L), 8.5 oz. (241 g) (w/battery).
STANDARD EQUIPMENT Model 2000 DataMite, Leather Case, 1-Battery (IEC 6LR61),1-Instruction Manual, 1-5 3/4”(14.61 cm) extension, 1-1 3/4”(4.45cm)extension 1-Wrist Strap and 1-Web belt.
2050 Numeric Display with Coiled Cord (specifications above), 3 1/2 Digit LCD plugs into rear of 2000 and can be hand held or clipped to front of instrument. Size/weight: 1.00(H) x 2.75(W) x 1.25(D), inch, 2.5oz./ 54(H) x 6.03(W) x 3.18(D), cm 71g
  • Analytical Helper: 25 piece packet.
  • Model 2020 remote Magnetic Pickup with integral coax cable. (Replaces the built-in accelerometer).
  • Custom Severity levels chosen for color display per customer requirements.
ENVIRONMENTAL Model 2000 and its digital display accessories are sealed per IP-54 standard for water, dust contamination and designed to comply with standard intrinsic safety practices for use in explosive atmospheres.
CUSTOM SCALING Scaling is available from the factory, we can scale the 2000 for almost any upper limit and the colored windows will be spaced as necessary from zero to the maximum limit specified by the customer. Six windows are available with color as specified above, each window TURN-ON spacing need not be equal, ask for 2000 scaling order sheet.
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