DataMite 7000 Specifications

SENSOR PROBE A Built in piezoelectric accelerometer of stainless steel construction. Normal sensitivity is 100mV/g.
DISPLAY Two 3½ digit, ½" LED’s for functions, auto ranged for direct reading, ±1LSB and refresh rates of 3 per second. One RED LED for power indication, RED/GREEN LED’s for PASS/FAIL for both functions.
CENSORSOUND™ 0-19.99 CS PEAK RMS units and 0-1999 CS PEAK units.
FREQUENCY RANGE CENSORSOUND 20 Hz to 14.0 KHz, 3 Db points.
ACCURACY ±10% ±2 counts of reading. Calibration interval one year.
AVERAGING Automatic averaging of the fluctuating inputs stops when the test is finished. Zeroes on next TEST start.
SIGNAL OUTPUT 0 to 2.0 VDC full scale for function selected. Source impedance: 1.0K ohms.
POWER SOURCE Desktop power supply. P/N 8130, INPUT: 100/240VAC@47-63Hz.
OUTPUT ±12VDC & +5VDC 45 Watt 5- pin mini DIN male connector.
OPERATING CONDITIONS Temperature: 32 Fo to 122 Fo (0 - 50 Co). Humidity: 95% RH non condensing.
STORAGE 14 Fo to 140 Fo (10 Co - +60 Co).
PHYSICAL 11.0"D x 11.35"W x 5.06"H (27.94cm D x 28.83cm W x 12.85cm H), excluding the power supply.
STANDARD ACCESSORIES INCLUDE 8065 General Operating Instruction Manual
8131 Desktop Power Supply
8058 Power cord for 8130 supplies.
Xxix Mandrels and Shafting both fixed and movable per Purchase Order
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