DataMite 1000 Series General Specifications

SENSOR PROBES 1) Model 1008 is a built-in accelerometer that is piezoelectric in construction in a non-sparking stainless steel housing with a coil corded extension.
2) Type "K" surface thermocouple is integrally wired to meter by a coil cord, construction is Anodized aluminum and ceramic.
DISPLAY 3½ digits, ½" tall LCD, auto ranged for direct reading, ±1LSB and refresh rates of three/second. "BAT" symbol displays for recharging when low and will blank the display on continued use.
Velocity : 0 - 19.99 inches/sec. Pk,(19.99 cm/sec RMS)
Displacement : 0.1 - 199.9 MILS(.003-1.999 mm)PK -PK
Acoustic Emission : 0 - 60.0 decibels (dB)
Surface Temperature : 0 - 1999 oF (0 -1093 oC)
Censorsound™ : 0 - 1999 Audible Sound
Ultrasound : 0 - 19.99 Supersonic sound Heterodyned
MEASUREMENT VALUE Rectification characteristic:
Precision true RMS scaled as Peak.(RMS value X 1.414) and PK-PK(RMS value X 2.828 )
FREQUENCY Vibratory: 7 Hz to 1500 Hz (420 to 90,000 RPM) -1dB points, active filter design.
BANDPASS Acoustic Emission: 20KHz TO 100 KHz, -3 dB points


General: ±5% ±2 counts OF READING, operating temperature range of 0 to 50 oC, Recalibration interval 1YR.
Temperature: 100 -1999 oF (73 -1093 oC)[ resolution of 1o ]
AVERAGING Depress and hold AVG/PWR button for five seconds to obtain an RMS average of the fluctuating input. On release the instrument reverts back to real time and resets the five minute battery saver circuits.
BATTERY SAVER Circuit turns instrument off after five minutes of non use. Restart by depressing AVG/PWR button momentarily.
BATTERY CONDITION Battery condition monitored continuously and displayed "BAT" symbol when charging is recommended. On continued use the circuit will BLANK the display preventing degraded data from being taken.
POWER SOURCE Rechargeable: Nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries or AA nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries. Rated 270 mAH, Battery Operating time 48 hrs. continuous. A battery saver circuit turns instrument off after five minutes of non-use.
OPERATING CONDITIONS Temperature: 32 oF to 122 oF (0 - 50 oC)
Humidity: 95% RH non-condensing.
Storage: 14 oF to 140 oF. (-10 oC to +60 oC).
PHYSICAL 5¼"L x 5 1/16"W x 2¼"D (13.3cm x 12.8cm x 5.7cm) exclusive of probes.
Weight is 2.0 lb (930 g).

Model 1000 Series Kit

Part NO.
Temperature probe with 4'(1.22M) coil cord integrally wired.
2" Heavy Duty NYLON WEB Belt.
Battery charger.
Accelerometer with 4'(1.22M)coil cord integrally wired.
Leather instrument case with three pockets for probes and tools.
Large carrying/accessory case.
Instruction Manual.
* Where applicable


Opt17 Environmentally Sealed case
8023 Probe extension handle 6" (15.24cm) use w/8010,8002,8029
8006 Shaft Stick (for measuring shaft vibration)
8029 Calibrated Spring handle, insures repeatable accurate readings
Other options and customizing available consult factory for details.
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