DataMite 7000 Series
7000 series

The DataMite 7000 Series

The DataMite 7000.01 series is a Quality Control instrument used in the qualification of ball and roller bearings, before installation into their final product. Simple design implementations remove any subjective evaluations from non-skilled operator control. The 7000.01 uses custom and proprietary circuits to evaluate bearings under a simple test. Using two channels of information RMS and Peak RMS plus two alarm levels per channel, the DataMite 7000.01 can quickly test and qualify a group of bearings. Alarm set points, test spin speeds, test pre spin speed, digital and analog signal outputs, motor power, and sensor sensitivities are all under customer control. Controls are behind the rear panel for security and are available to qualified customer technicians only. When all controls are set, the 7000.01 is ready to objectively evaluate a bearing. The operator simply moves the LOAD/TEST lever to the TEST position. The remainder of the test is automatic and ends at the preset test time (7.5 seconds is default). The 7000.01 can separate GOOD from BAD bearings with 99.6% assurance with first time pass through results. Without accurate testing with the DataMite 7000.01 series, the result would be rework and customer return’s, which removes profit from the bottom line.



Total auto-ranging means accurate repeatable readings and results, not subjective human results. We designed the 7000 SERIES for use on small ball bearings and bearing assemblies with shafting. The analyzer will detect cracked races, dirt, improper lubrication & finish, brinelling, and improper preloading. Thrust bearings will require a special movable mandrel, which preloads the bearing. Consult the factory for information.

  • CENSORSOUND™ PEAK A function that monitors all the instantaneous problems that occur in a bearing including vibration/sounds that occur faster than the display can respond to; that is, bearings with cracks or micro spalling. During a test, the unit documents the highest readings it receives and stores them for display at a test end.
  • CENSORSOUND™ PEAK RMS This function looks at the general noise problems occurring in ball bearings. Such as, vibration or sound that is so continuous as it appears to be constant. This phenomenon is common in bearings that are dirty, misaligned and heavily loaded in the axial direction. The 7000 01averages the PEAK data from the test bearing and then sends it to the display at test end.


  • DIGITAL DISPLAYS Two 3.5 digit numeric LED displays that update results three times per/Second. Displays will also hold an end of test reading until the next test run begins.
  • RS232-C OUTPUT Both data streams are available from the rear power panel MINI-D 9 PIN CONNECTOR. Dataq® Instruments software is supplied to manipulate the data in an EXCEL spread sheet for analysis. Both channels are available simultaneously.
  • AVERAGING Data taken during a test is averaged and displayed incrementally until the test ends. At completion of a test, the displays will indicate the end readings and the appropriate ALARM LED’s will illuminate.
  • AUTO ALARMS Two independent alarm set points are available for each channel of data. A switch at the top center of the front panel changes the preset set points depending on which type of bearing and test are selected. This allows the user to preset two completely different alarm sets for two different bearing shapes. The adjustments of the alarm set points are behind the rear panel. A switch behind the rear panel allows front displays to show set points.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE The 7000.01 is built to adapt to many bearing forms. The trunnions, mandrels, drive motor, drive wheel, test duration, alarm set points (two), test speeds (two) are all flexible and customizable. Of particular interest is the technique used to drive thrust bearings, see figure 2 for the assembly breakdown. The THRUST LOAD PRESSURE PLATE applies a thrust load to the outer race with the help of the THRUST LOAD ADJUSTMENT SPRING ASSEMBLY. The fixed mandrel applies a load in the opposite direction to the inner race against the main spring in the movable mandrel. Thrust assemblies are available for any bearing in the 7000.01's capability. Consult the factory for details
Useing the DataMite 7000
load sequence 1
load sequence 2



To configure the 7000.01adjust the trunnions, shafting and mandrels to hold the bearing being tested, many styles are available. Changing from one size or type of bearing to another is simple and straightforward. Select ALARM 1 OR 2 for previously set limits on RMS and PEAK RMS levels. When the level exceeds, the set limit the FAIL light will illuminate at the end of the test. Using previously obtained test data on a bearing adjusting the alarm set points for RMS and PEAK RMS levels can be done from the back panel.


Move the TEST/LOAD lever to the LOAD POSITION and install a test bearing. Move the TEST/ LOAD lever to the TEST POSITION. Observe the 7.5-second test (DEFAULT). The 7000.01 will accelerate to the preset pre spin level then change to the to the test speed. At this time, the displays will start to accumulate data on the bearing under test. When the test run is finished, the 7000.01 will display the final readings and illuminate the PASS/FAIL lights. The results will remain on the display until the next test. For subsequent bearings repeat the LOAD and TEST steps only, the 7000.01 will run the prescribed test . . . . THAT’S IT!

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