DataMite 1000 Series
1000 series

The DataMite 1000 Series

Fast, Accurate Measurement of Vibration, Temperature, and Acoustic Emission.

Now you can keep your rotating equipment operating smoothly and save thousands of dollars in unnecessary maintenance and lost production.
DataMite presents the Series 1000-simple-to-use instruments that can be tailored to your application. All the models in the DataMite Series 1000 are fast, accurate and remarkably affordable. Use these reliable meters to measure vibration (velocity OR velocity and displacement), temperature, acoustic emission, or the combination of these that fits your specific needs.


Each of the DataMite Series 1000 instruments incorporates:

  1. AUTORANGED FUNCTIONS-eliminate the need for range switches.
  2. LARGE (1/2” CHARACTER) LCD DISPLAY- provides easy visibility and high contrast.
  3. AVERAGE/POWER BUTTON-averages variable input and holds display (after a five-second depression) or initiates power up (after a momentary depression).
  4. BATTERY SAVER-shuts the unit down after five minutes if AVERAGE/POWER BUTTON is not pressed.
  5. LOW BATTERY INDICATOR-warns of impending display blanking and prevents operator from taking degraduated data. (“BAT” symbol is automatically displayed when battery is low.)
  6. RECHARGEABLE NICKEL-METAL HYDRIDE BATTERIES-allow up to 40 hours of use per charge.
  7. TONGUE-AND-GROOVE CONSTRUCTION plus SEALED SWITCHES AND DISPLAY-make unit dust and splash resistant to IP-54 standard.
  8. CHARGER, BELT and MANUAL. Consult the DataMite Series 1000 Chart for the model that suits your requirements. For more information about any of the DataMite models, or customization, contact DataMite Technologies Company or your local distributor.

The DataMite 1000 Series is a group of measurement instruments that are fast, accurate, simple-to-use and can be tailored to your application. These reliable meters measure vibration, temperature, acoustic emission, ultrasonics, Censorsound™ or the combination of these that fits your specific needs. VIBRATION is the periodic movement of a mass (or “rotor”) that is not balanced. Vibration results from rolling and rubbing contact between machine parts and from out-of-balance forces in rotating and reciprocating parts. Vibration data is often presented as “velocity”, “displacement or acceleration”.

  1. “Velocity” is the time required for the vibration movement to occur. It is often the best indication of the potential for damage when vibration in rotating machinery is measured. Velocity is read in inch/sec, or cm/sec., PK or RMS.
  2. “Displacement” is the distance that the rotor moves. Displacement is read in MIL’S (one MIL is equal to .001”) or Micron PK-PK.
  3. “Acceleration” is rate of increase or decrease in speed of vibration. Read ACCL in g’s/sec2 or m/sec2.

TEMPERATURE is the degree of hotness or coldness of a mass. Temperature is read in degrees Fahrenheit (°F) or Celsius (°C).
ACOUSTIC EMISSION is the energy released from the molecular structure of material under stress (for example, material that is bent, stretched, sheared or abraded). This energy is measured in decibels by the DataMite over a range of 0 to 60 dB. The frequency of acoustic emission is well above that of audible sound or vibration.
CENSORSOUND™ is a unique sensor capable of detecting frequencies between 40Hz -18kHz and sending to a headset for listening. Read in CS units.
IS Intrinsically Safe instrumentation reduces the risk of explosions in Hazardous environments. Intrinsic Safety (IS) requirements for instrumentation limit the electrical and thermal energies to levels insufficient to ignite an explosive atmosphere.

Certification: by Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has certified designated instruments to International Electrotechnical commission (IEC) Standard CEI/IEC 60079-11:1999-02 and CAN/CSA-E60079-11: 02 for Class 1 Zone 0 IIC. Verify certification availability prior to ordering.

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